Valentine's Day Suggestions and Tips


1. The first decision is what type of sparkling wine do you want.  There is Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Prosecco and Cava.  All come in both Brut and Rose.


2. Next is the price range you want to stay within. Our selection of sparkling wines range from $11 to $800. So there is a price point to fit every budget.


3. Once you have made your purchase it's time to plan to enjoy your choice. Chill sparkling wines to between 38 and 50 degrees. Place the wine in an ice bucket filled with ice and water. This will keep the wine chilled while you enjoy the wine.


4. Serve the wine in Champagne Flutes. The fun of Champagne is watching all those bubbles rise from the bottom of the flute to the top where it will tickle your nose and your taste buds.



Let the fun begin!! Click on the links below to see our selection of Sparkling Wines.




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